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Mike and Carolyn
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 Mike and Carolyn 

"To strengthen their hands in the work
of the house of God"
Ezra 6:22

Mike and Carolyn Davidson
"Called to Serve the Servants of Christ
in God's Harvest Field"

Ministry Vision

God is raising up a people to reach the world for Christ. They already know the language. They’ve grown up in the culture. They rest in dependence upon the Spirit of God for working out their faith in holiness of a daily walk with God. IPM has partnered together with Christian men and ministries which have a track record of faithfulness. God has given these men a burden for reaching their own people with the glorious gospel of Christ. Carolyn and I have been called to serve these choice servants of Christ in God’s harvest field. Our mission will be to come alongside of them in partnership to assist in the process of training the next generation of indigenous Christian leaders. Please join us in prayer that God would use us to strengthen the hands of our brethren in the work of reaching their countrymen for Christ.  

Ministry Responsibility

My ministry responsibilities include working in close cooperation with the Director of Education for advancing an overall strategy of establishing, developing, and teaching within the IPM-related Bible institutes, colleges, and seminaries overseas. I also provide professional development for those who are already leading, teaching, and serving in the higher education ministries of the IPM national partners. While in the United State I promote IPM-related higher education ministries and seek to challenge God's people with a vision and burden for preparing a great labor force for the Lord’s harvest around the world.


I was raised by a mother who always took me to church. At the age of eight I trusted Christ as my Savior. When I was sixteen, I felt that God was calling me to some type of full-time service. I attended Grand Rapids Baptist College, graduating in 1971 with a Bachelor of Music degree. I moved to Kalamazoo Michigan where I met and married my husband Mike. Along the way God has blessed us with five children. Using the gifts God gave me, I have had the privilege of serving the Lord with Mike. My desire continues to be that of serving God where He has placed me and supporting my husband in the ministry God has given him.


I trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior at the age of twenty-two. Soon afterwards I met and married my wife Carolyn. I graduated with a B.A. from Western Michigan University in 1974. Sensing the Lord’s call upon me, I enrolled at Dallas Theological Seminary, graduating in 1978 with a Th.M. The Lord blessed our twenty-eight years of pastoral ministry as I had the privilege of leading three wonderful churches. God’s blessing was rich, but He was also preparing us for what was still to come. I enrolled in the Doctor of Ministry program at Bob Jones University and had occasion to take several missions trips: to Spain (once), the Ukraine (twice), and India (four times). God was preparing our hearts to leave the pastorate and to accept a new role in the classroom training young men, with a heart for God and the souls of men, to evangelize and disciple their converts for the glory of God.

International Partnership Ministries, Inc.
"Your Partner with National Ministries Around the World"

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