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 Passport and Visa 
Passport and Visa
You must have a passport if you plan to travel internationally. Securing a passport can take up to three months (or longer) by mail, so don’t procrastinate. Passport application forms may be obtained at your local Post Office or visit your local passport government office (it may be located in your county courthouse). The application will require a frontal photo, which may be obtained for a nominal sum at any local photography studio (check the Yellow Pages).
If you wish assistance in securing a passport quickly, you can search the web with the keyword “passport offices” to find the nearest facility to you. There are several companies with which you can pay an extra fee to have it expedited. Since nine-eleven, security concerns (and the resulting delays) make it even more important for you not to procrastinate in securing a passport.
You will also need to secure a visa for the country to which you plan to visit. Without a visa you will not be allowed to board the airplane. Your travel agency will lend you assistance in securing a visa. The U.S. Department of State also has an informative website which will assist in this process. This site will give you lots of interesting information about the country you'll be visiting. They also spotlight resources available to you as an American traveling abroad.
Let me also encourage you to contact the office of International Partnership Ministries. We have people traveling back and forth on a regular basis and will be able to assist you in planning for your mission trip.
IPM Office: 717.637.7388
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